Remote couples have quite limited choices of communication, meanwhile they need to know about each other badly. BSide provide a new communication channel, which helps remote couples feels together while apart.


Time: 10 weeks, 2014 Feb-May
Team Member: Xin Guo, Yue Sun
Adviser: Anastasia BEZERIANOS & Wendy MACKAY 


design problem-01-01

Design Problems

  • Messages are delayed
  • Hard to show care
  • People who is not “computer guy”
  • Weak awareness of each other’s mood & status.
  • Limited ways of communication


Mobile and intimate communications between distance couple in a private and creative way. Bside use fish’s status to reflect users’ mundane life , to shorten remote couple’s psychological distance.

intro of the couple-01

User Profile & Personnas

  • Young couples who are apart from each other
  • Some of them have time difference
  • Different schedules of working/study
  • Use Skype/ text / call each other to keep their lives updated mutually
  • Like small lovely tricks between them


  • Projector or Mobile
  • Track communication amount.
  • Update status automatically or Manually
  • Shared Calendar and shared checklist
  • Shared location


  • Show detail sweetness between them
  • In a creative and private way
  • Update status with different moods
  • Update status automatically
  • Vivid visualisation of communication


Interface Design

all interface long-01