When visiting cities, people tend to value their friends’ advice on what to visit. Likewise, locals are also very willing to help their friends for the visit. The common problem that they face, however, is that they lack a structured, streamlined and centralized way of sharing this information remotely.
MonMaps is a personalized mapping tool which allows users to create and share eye-catching maps with custom content and style.


Time: 7 months, 2013 Oct – 2014 May

Adviser: Wendy Mackay, Emmanuel Waller

Team member: Borce Stojkovski, Chen Wang, Dimitris Tsiodoulos, Craig Kershaw, Francesco Bonadiman, Xin Guo, Ye Xiang




MonMaps provides the service of creating personalized maps and consuming existing ones in order to plan trips, provide reviews and share travel experiences.

Unlike other websites in the domain of online travel and reviews, MonMaps lets users create maps with a character, giving them freedom in terms of the content, the visual look and feel, and the motif of their maps.

User Story


Business Mode

Analogously to our user analysis, we have come up with two core types of customers:

  • Individual  Independent users (Creators and Consumers) that are able to use our product without a financial obligation. They can create, print, share, distribute and view other users’ maps for free.
  • Advertiser  Companies or individuals that would like to use our application as an advertising platform realised in terms of banners, billboard ads and promoted maps. We charge a monthly fee for the promotion.


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Personalize Pin Workflow

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Homepage of MonMaps Map Service


Creating Map Page

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