If human beings have a tail, what will happen? We envisioned that the tail should be shaking with joy when you are at relaxed, and stay quiet when you are concentrated. This design is an exploration on the people-oriented design of infomation products, in which I had a better understanding about the process and method about human-computer interaction design.


Time: 8 weeks, 2012 May-Jun
Adviser: Lingyun SUN
Team member: Siqi LI



Convey Emotion by Technology

Through research, we found the most important issues in  implementations are: affinity, vivid and user friendly.

Technology brings us more freedom of expression ourselves. Through these new solutions, we get a stronger tie with loved ones.



Detect Human Emotion

On the technology aspect, we have two options:  using sensors to detect human body signs, or use Mind-flex to detect human brain wave.

At last, we chose Mind-flex, because of its compact structure and sensitivity.


Structure Design

We started with the mechanical structure of the tail, to ensure its stability and actual operating effect. Design, manufacture and test the tail spent us a large amount of time, trying to make it more flexible and  natural.



Work Process