For helping those white-collar people who stay long time sit-in, we attempt to seek a new way of relaxing cervical with entertainment.

User get game control by wearing the special hat and rotate head, and exercise cervical during the undersea adventure.


Time: 8 weeks, 2012 Mar-Apr
Adviser: Lingyun SUN
Team member: Siqi LI



Design Research

  • Social-Economic Development: Working trend nowadays is switching from physical to mental labor. Therefore, the stress of cervical is increasing.
  • Patient Centered Health Solution: The possibility of completely cure cervical spondylosis  by clinical is small. Appropriate exercise is the best solution for it.
  • Health & Technology: Technology brings new solutions for health maintaining. Life-style changes with technology.

Design Process

design process-01


Man-machine Relationship

  • Use soft fabric and cotton filling to improve comfortness.
  • Control gross weight of the  hat.

Game Playability

  • Avoid dramatic action in case to protect cervical.
  • Casual, easy-to-use and light-hearted game design.

System Stability

  • Consider information transition speed and user feedback time.
  • All components integrated in the hat.



Design Elements

Wandering Nemo is a game system, includes game design and wearable product design. Aiming to attract users have cervical exercises by the game, in order to relieve the rigid sense of cervical bought by sedentary.


Interaction Mode

We use the well known story “Finding Nemo” for the game theme. Game settings are as follows:

  • When Nemo get the undersea moving objects(bubbles, starfish, etc), score ++.
  • If Nemo is attacked by the hook, game over.
  • At the starting interface, shake your head according to the instruction to restart game

Technical Inspiration