Google Analytics for (2)
I start using Google Analytics for in October 2014, all the data(numbers, percentages) used in this post are from Oct 04, 2014 – Jan 02, 2015. There are mainly two sources of my website’s visit: My “how to make a design portfolio” series posted on Since it brings me visits everyday and nice feedback, I translated it into English recently, but haven’t make up my mind of where to post it. During my application for an internship, I usually send my website link as my portfolio. So HRs from companies must have visited my website. Invali read all
Google Analytics for | 用Google Analytics 做个人网站数据分析
Three days ago I started using Google Analytics to monitor my website’s visiting status. Although I didn’t expect high visiting number as a personal website, it’s still interesting to know if there are any people visiting it.However, it really surprised me by how much information I can get from the website. 前两天突发奇想给自己的网站放了一个 Google Analytics,想知道自己网站的访问量情况。个人网站这种东西流量不高,内容偏专业性,几乎没有人会来写评论。但是对于自己的网站,还是很好奇到底是不是真的有人来看= read all