Keyboard Optimization
Do you know that the  keyboard we are using now is one of the slowest permutation? In the 18th centry, Christopher Latham Sholes developed the QWERTY layout to reduce the likelihood of jamming. However, key lever jams are never a problem now with the development of computers. But the QWETRY layout still remains using until today. This task tries to figure out the best keyboard design format, based on typing in Finnish. (Different language also have different preference combination)The keyboard is defined as a 3*11 grid, and only considering alphabet, not punctuation. The mat read all
Iterative design with CogTool
CogTool is a tool helps to evaluate the effectiveness and usability of a interface. It basically predicts the time for a interaction task through an interaction path created by the user. Providing the evaluation of a interaction workflow in a logical way. I’m not sure about the algorithm of CogTool, but sounds very interesting. The developer of CogTool also provided a series of video tutorials Here.   An short example showing the usage of CogTool: Implementation interface: Google Hangout chatting interface on mobile Task: send an image to a friend on the chatting interf read all
Interface Saliency Evaluation: MATLAB Saliency
Designers knows that the most important elements on the interface should have the highest saliency, but how do you evaluate the saliency? By experience? By visual inspection? And how do you convince others? Associate Professor, Antti Oulasvirta introduced Itti & Koch saliency model, which can be used to analyze displays and media for the most“attention-grabbing” regions and elements, in the lecture of User Interface. Here the task is, design advertisements that draw the attention of the user as the first thing he/she sees the interface but immediately after that gu read all