[Design for Fun] Cartoon Character design | 随手涂
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[discovery] 微软亚洲研究院 电脑对联
以下摘自官网说明: 微软对联是由微软亚洲研究院自然语言计算组研发的计算机自动对联系统。当用户给定上联,它能够自动提供若干下联供用户选择; 并且当用户确定一副对联后,它还能够生成若干四字横批供用户参考。 网页链接戳这里:微软亚洲研究院 电脑对联 目前新增有绝句功能:微软亚洲研究院 律诗绝句 (PS: 绝句功能的原理其实和对联功能区别不大,仍然是根据对应位置字义来的。无非是给一个上联对出三句下联罢了) read all
[Design for Fun] Wallpaper Design
1. Most ideas fall, not because they are bad ideas, but because they are badly presented.   2. A Latin proverb:”Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.” which means:”To err is human, to persevere [in his error] is diabolical” .   3. Battery series 😀   4. 开始总是深深切切心心念念你情和我愿 然后总有清清浅浅挑挑拣拣你烦和我嫌 最终总会冷冷淡淡星星点点你厌和我怨 –黄龄《风月》   5. 网络段子,励志佳句   6. 我身骑白马 走三关 read all
[Design for Fun] User Interfaces Group Logo Design
I did this logo design for the User Interfaces Group, Aalto University. The design basically follows Visual Design Guidelines of Aalto University. The purple color is #8955C9, the ELEC school(which the research group belongs to) color. read all
Google Analytics for wangchen.cc (2)
I start using Google Analytics for wangchen.cc in October 2014, all the data(numbers, percentages) used in this post are from Oct 04, 2014 – Jan 02, 2015. There are mainly two sources of my website’s visit: My “how to make a design portfolio” series posted on douban.com. Since it brings me visits everyday and nice feedback, I translated it into English recently, but haven’t make up my mind of where to post it. During my application for an internship, I usually send my website link as my portfolio. So HRs from companies must have visited my website. Invali read all
Keyboard Optimization
Do you know that the  keyboard we are using now is one of the slowest permutation? In the 18th centry, Christopher Latham Sholes developed the QWERTY layout to reduce the likelihood of jamming. However, key lever jams are never a problem now with the development of computers. But the QWETRY layout still remains using until today. This task tries to figure out the best keyboard design format, based on typing in Finnish. (Different language also have different preference combination)The keyboard is defined as a 3*11 grid, and only considering alphabet, not punctuation. The mat read all
Iterative design with CogTool
CogTool is a tool helps to evaluate the effectiveness and usability of a interface. It basically predicts the time for a interaction task through an interaction path created by the user. Providing the evaluation of a interaction workflow in a logical way. I’m not sure about the algorithm of CogTool, but sounds very interesting. The developer of CogTool also provided a series of video tutorials Here.   An short example showing the usage of CogTool: Implementation interface: Google Hangout chatting interface on mobile Task: send an image to a friend on the chatting interf read all
Interface Saliency Evaluation: MATLAB Saliency
Designers knows that the most important elements on the interface should have the highest saliency, but how do you evaluate the saliency? By experience? By visual inspection? And how do you convince others? Associate Professor, Antti Oulasvirta introduced Itti & Koch saliency model, which can be used to analyze displays and media for the most“attention-grabbing” regions and elements, in the lecture of User Interface. Here the task is, design advertisements that draw the attention of the user as the first thing he/she sees the interface but immediately after that gu read all
Design Portfolio Guide 8: Showcase-FunRun
中文版请戳这里:工业设计作品集指南:(八)设计案例 FunRun   This blog shows a project modification, I made this for a senior student of Industrial Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. The project is a workshop organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Sony Student Design Workshop, including product modeling design and interaction interface design, final workout also includes a video demo, a quite complete design process. The portfolio pages includes: Cover (using effect + title+ brief introduction), Design Research (user res read all
Design Portfolio Guide 7: Design Expression
Design expression is the final rendering effect of the product, also called “money shot”, telling its importance. Exquisite rendering images always appear at the cover pages of projects, some also ending pages. The key point of design expression is quite clear: beautiful, and easy-understanding. Cover page usually use full-page background image, adding project name and a brief introduction, such as project time, awards, team members, etc. Example 1: left side is a rendering image, right side has project’s name, keywords, and awards. Tips: always let your product facing the cen read all