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I start using Google Analytics for in October 2014, all the data(numbers, percentages) used in this post are from Oct 04, 2014 – Jan 02, 2015.

There are mainly two sources of my website’s visit:

  • My “how to make a design portfolio” series posted on Since it brings me visits everyday and nice feedback, I translated it into English recently, but haven’t make up my mind of where to post it.
  • During my application for an internship, I usually send my website link as my portfolio. So HRs from companies must have visited my website.

Invalid Data

I get 11(11.37%) visits from Brazil and 44(4.51%) from Russia. However, the average session duration for both countries are 0.00 second, which means they shouldn’t be treated as real human visits.



audience overview



Most of the visits are in English, then follows by English and Portuguese (invalid data, since Avg Session Duration is 00:00:00). A interesting is, compare with location, I get 139(14.24%) visits from Finland, but only 11 visits in Finnish! So most Finish people are using English system?



For the location, I get most visits from China, followed by Finland, Brazil(invalid data) and United States.The visits from Finland must come from my internship application, but still unluckily I didn’t get any nice offer in Finland, although I currently live and study here. Visits from United States is also a mystery. How do they know my website and where do they come from? Visits from Russia are also meaningless (00:00:02 Avg Session Duration), then followed by Germany — where I finally get my internship position!

Users Flow

users flow

Most visits come to blog(blog/) and home page(/), then work. However, my current homepage actually only shows a picture of myself and three links: work, profile and blog. This is actually sad, because my visitors didn’t get interested in me after they looked at the home page. Well, I’m re-designing my website now!




Direct visits means visitor comes directly from my site address. I think direct visits comes mainly from my internship application, and also myself. Next, sources 3-6 are all invalid data.




For both the “blog” and “work” part, a same phenomenon is, the page with most visit is not always the most attracting page, but the first one. So, maybe I should put my favourite page to the first place?


  1. Current acquisition comes mainly from a Chinese social platform (, 302 visits, 31%),next step is to attract people coming from other resources, especially out of China.
  2. Almost nobody leaves me any comment 🙁 But I want to hear more from others.
  3. Overall, my website gets more visits every month(Oct 2014: 276, Nov 2014: 289, Dec 2014: 406), I’m happy with it 🙂


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