Design Portfolio Guide 8: Showcase-FunRun

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This blog shows a project modification, I made this for a senior student of Industrial Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. The project is a workshop organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Sony Student Design Workshop, including product modeling design and interaction interface design, final workout also includes a video demo, a quite complete design process.

The portfolio pages includes: Cover (using effect + title+ brief introduction), Design Research (user research + concept), Sketch (storyboard), Product Modeling Design (Rendering image), Interaction (Mind-map + interface).






Modify Solution:

The original cover image is already very nice, showing product using scenario. My modification mainly includes these steps:

  1. Simplify decorative elements. I treat the white frame and translucent trapezoid as the “meaningless decoration”, which doesn’t do any help with information convey. So, I deleted these elements in the modified version, and changed the information block’s background from white to black, with white text. I made this change because the background of original image is dark and user (main body of the image) is bright, so I did the same thing for the text.
  2. Information complete. It’s important to point out that this project is in cooperation with Sony Student Design Workshop, because for the author (also most bachelor students), most projects in the portfolio are course projects, seldom workshop or competition projects with high quality. In this case, showing your experience in cooperation with companies proves your background is not only limited with pure academic works.
  3. Background image. I enlarged background image a bit, make character closer to the center and  product image clearer.

Design Research





The modification of this part is mainly about visual aspect, also changed some words and deleted part of the content, mainly includes these aspects:

  1. Unified color tone. In the original image, there are orange title and photos with similar color theme, also green and blue keywords and chart. In the modified version, I integrated them into the same orange color, and using colored background instead of shadows to distinguish between different blocks, so that the whole layout looks cleaner.
  2. Modification of text. I changed the first title from “problem” to “user research”. In fact, there’s no specific title standard of this, but “user research” is a more formal expression. What’s more, I deleted almost half of the text in this part. This is also a common problem in design portfolio, using long paragraphs trying to express their ideas. However, very few people would have time to look into these long paragraphs. Remember to use image instead of text!
  3. Change of font. The author used sans-serif font for both title and content, but content font is bolder and with more thickness change, which decreased the readability. In the modified version, I changed the title into larger serif font, the content into precise sans-serif font. ( My title font: Aleo; content font: Lato)







  1. Unified color tone. Using the same orange color style.
  2. Change title. I changed the title from “persona” to “storyboard”. Because only the first image in the series is persona, which tells about user information. Rest three are all scenario description, so the title “storyboard” fits the content better.

In all these modifications, I almost didn’t change anything of the original image, neither created any new chart. But you can see how different the different layout can make a difference!

Product Modeling Design






  1. Unified color tone and title again.
  2. Adjustment of effect image position and size, also replaced the small image which is same as the big one.
  3. Delete the Chinese logo on the right top. This is another important point: avoid using any language other than English, unless you are sure your reader can under this language as well. It’s not comfortable to see something incomprehensible.






This page looks quite different after modification. Key points as following:

  1. Redrawn Mind-map. The original image is just a screen shot of software, so the text is small and layout is ugly. The modified version is drawn by PowerPoint SmartChart, deleted some less important nodes, and changed for the orange theme color. Here, actually I didn’t find a really similar orange color in PowerPoint. I exported into Photoshop and slightly adjusted the color.
  2. Interface. The original interface is a wireframe, I replaced with the screen shot of video demo, doesn’t it looks much better? Besides, the labels in the original image are in a dialog form, which looks quite attracting on the black background, but lacks an overall sense. In the modified version, I used white dashed line and text, which looks still attracting, but it belongs to part of the whole frame.

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