Design Portfolio Guide 7: Design Expression

Design expression is the final rendering effect of the product, also called “money shot”, telling its importance. Exquisite rendering images always appear at the cover pages of projects, some also ending pages. The key point of design expression is quite clear: beautiful, and easy-understanding.

Cover page usually use full-page background image, adding project name and a brief introduction, such as project time, awards, team members, etc.

Example 1: left side is a rendering image, right side has project’s name, keywords, and awards.

Tips: always let your product facing the center of the page. In Example 1, the rendering image stands at the left side, so it’s facing right. In this case, reader’s sight goes smoothly from left to right.



Example 2: left side is product’s name, design category and a brief description. Four color lines have a same color style with the logo on the bottom right side. Also, in this case the rendering image is putting at the right side and facing the left side.



For design expression at the ending page, it usually shows the way of using the product.

Example 1: user’s hands holds the chainsaw, showing product’s size (relative to hand) and using gesture.



Example 2: showing the interface design on multiple devices: computer, tablet and mobile.



Donn Koh Design Portfolio: DonnKoh_2008_Portfolio_LowRes_Public

Siqi Li, Zhejiang University:Portfolio_Siqi_Li_2013

THE PORTFOLIO HANDBOOK: A GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR DESIGN PORTFOLIO, Carlie Barrett et al, University of Cincinnati: PortfolioHandbook_UCID12

Yunhe Guo, Zhejiang University: 本科作品集

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